Brazilian Butt Express (BBE) ebook

Brazilian Butt Express (BBE) ebook

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This fun and challenging 10 week step by step program will help you tone and tighten your BUTT for one payment of $9.99.

This is less then $1 a week for a new sexier butt!  Each session takes 20 minutes and can be done at the gym or from the comfort of your home.

This ebook includes all Ana's secrets to a hot Brazilian BUTT. From diet tips to how to chose a bikini and everything in the between.

Get started today and you will be one step closer to the BUTT of your dreams. This ebook is the best and most affordable way for you to achieve a hot sexy butt.

With the help of over 10 years in the Fitness industry, Ana put together this easy to follow, yet very effective ultimate BUTT training concept

Ana practices what she preaches and this unique training program approach has lead Ana to be known as 'the best BUTT in the industry'!

This ebook includes Ana Coppola's top lifestyle tips. From nutrition to how to chose the best swimsuit and everything in between.

75 pages of unique BUTT exercises and health tips to make your BUTT look great.               

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