You Are Important! Self-care Isn't Optional, It Is Necessary.

Early starts, busy days, dog tired by bed time. Who else been there?!

Setting up good habits can be hard but well worth it when it comes to simple gestures that gives us a precious priceless break and allow us to feel and look good everyday. 

One of my little rituals for a beautiful skin include applying my favourite 3 in 1 Instant Sweat Proof Face Serum by bnaked  in the mornings before working out and before bed. 

Nevertheless I find equally important that we look for the inner beauty within us and keep paying attention on what we are eating, drinking, how we are living and how we are feeling as a holistic approach. 

Self care is also believed to be deeply connected to self love. If we truly love and care about ourselves, we should make the time to care not only for our mental but also to our physical health. 


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