Orgasm, Digestion and Stress Are Robbing your Body’s Energy.

According to neuroscientist, international lecturer and author Dr. Joe Dispenza, those 3 hormonal centres of the body have everything to do with survival and those centres are energy consumers, since they're regularly turning energy into chemistry.

Living like that in the short term is ok because the body can return to homeostasis and re store itself. The issue arise when we are overdoing those consistently leaving no energy for growth and repair as we constantly live in a survival mode.

Dr. Dispenza suggests that majority of our thoughts and feelings are connected to our sexuality, to our victimisation, to our suffering, our shame, our unworthiness or self doubt, our importance, our control, our fear, our anger, our frustration, our hatred or our judgement.

Finding time to rest, relax and meditate - so we can detach from thoughts and feelings of the past and connect to our vision of the future - can therefore, bring our life and hormonal balance back to us. 

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