Just Like Marijuana, Any Form Of Exercise Can Generate A Natural High!

Whether you lift weights, do yoga, run, cycle, swim,  practice team sports, dance or twerk (!!)... As long as you’re moving, your brain releases neurotransmitters, specifically dopamine and endocanabinoids, that can generate a natural high very similar to that of cannabis or marijuana. In other words, it activates your sense of pleasure. 

According to Stanford University Psychologist Kelly McGonigal, even moderate physical activity activates the same channels of the brain's reward system that addictive drugs do. Except, it does so "in a way that has the complete opposite effect on your capacity to enjoy life."

"The basic idea is that your brain will have a more robust response to everyday pleasures, whether it's your child smiling at you, or the taste of food or your enjoyment of looking at something beautiful — and that's the exact opposite effect of addiction."

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