Get naked between the sheets and reduce your tummy size. And NO it’s not SEX!

According to experts, one of the great benefits of sleeping naked is the regulation of your body temperature and the prevention of insomnia.

When you sleep in cooler temperatures the brown (or healthy) fat around your neck is activated by burning chemical energy in order to create the heat needed to maintain your body temperature.

The generation of body heat speeds your metabolism and that helps you burn calories.

Sleeping naked helps creating better sleeping patterns and can consequently help reduce your tummy size!

On top of that, skin to skin contact enables Oxytocin to be released in your brain. Oxytocin is known as the love hormone, and can help increase trust in your relationship as well as bring you together emotionally. 

Sleeping naked with your partner has been found to boost your immune system too, as it helps steady cortisol levels and keep blood pressure low.

It’s nearly bed time... let’s get naked!  

Visit Fit Nutrition if you’d like to shop supplements specifically formulated to help with stress, anxiety, muscle recovery and sleep management. 

I’m currently taking one scoop of Ultra Muscleze by BioCeuticals which contains Magnesium and Calcium amongst other ingredients for a great rest and recharge during my sleep. 

Do you have a night routine for a better sleep? Comment bellow!  

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