The Secret of Talking to Self Genius

The Secret of Talking to Self Genius

Yes I do talk to myself ! Do you ?

I hope so because according to science, this type of ‘ craziness ’ is no longer necessarily regarded as a social no-no. Instead it can be linked to creativity and geniality ( ‘ Thank you, Ana! ’ ) . 

If you are one of those people who enjoy having an inner dialogue, repeating things you have to do/ lists you must remember or even swearing in situations of anger when you are alone ... then, you’re not alone ! ... or crazy !

It’s scientifically proven that people who talk to themselves are...

Having Fun is Sexy.

Having Fun is Sexy.

Having fun, according to researcher Gary Chick, is sexy.  

Both men and women are more attracted to people who appear to be having fun, as it symbolises a playful personality, youth and health.

In a society where ‘doing things’ and ‘proving ourselves’ consumes most of our time and minds, it’s rare to do things without thought, simply for the fun they bring. 

The good news is that ‘fun’ doesn’t necessarily involve getting wasted or booking a fancy holiday. It can be anything that provides YOU with pleasure! A spontaneous walk, a visit to the museum, reading a book, watching...

5 Exercises to Fire Up your Glutes !

5 Exercises to Fire Up your Glutes !

A year ago, I designed and filmed a killer glute workout  in partternship with  Fitness First Australia.

This workout combines the perfect amount of isolation, compound and dynamic movements, which all target the butt muscles.

Click the link below to get full access to the workout and videos demonstrating all the exercises.



Brazilian Butt Express ebook featured in WNiF magazine!

Special thanks to my readers for spreading the word about my Brazilian Butt Express ebook.  I'm delighted to have my ebook featured and reviewed in 'Whats New in Fitness' (WNiF) magazine together with their 13 social media sites.  Check it out:  

Brazilian Butt Express ebook - Exciting launch!

Hello world!! I am so excited to be launching my Brazilian Butt Express (BBE) ebook today.  After over 10 years working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, health coach, an international fitness model and writer, I developed an unique training concept dedicated solely for the BUTT.  I can't wait to share all my secrets to a hot Brazilian BUTT with you all. This ebook includes a step by step 10 week training program for your BUTT in only 20 minutes. On top of all you will be able to check out my latest meal plan, sneak in some...