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Brazilian Butt Express (BBE) Ankle Strap for cable machine

Brazilian Butt Express (BBE) Ankle Strap for cable machine

BBE ankle strap is the most versatile and comfortable strap that can easily be attached to any cable (or cable pulley) machine.   Attach your BBE ankle strap to the cable machine, place your foot in the strap and begin to perform the best Brazilian Butt Express moves for a hotter BUTT.  Our straps distribute the weight evenly and do not move up and down your ankle as you perform your set.  This is unlike the traditional ankle straps you are used to finding in gyms. Our BBE ankle straps are made in Brazil and are not sold anywhere else in Australia.  Our straps are made from the highest quality materials and have extra strong sewing to ensure your straps will outlast you.  BBE straps are suitable for personal and business use.  From bikini models to bodybuilding strength training.  The ultimate ankle strap in the Fitness Industry, now in Australia.  BBE takes no responsibility for the sore BUTT you will get after using our unique BBE ankle strap!

Composition:  PVC Screen, Polypropylene Tape and steel buckle. 

Size:  One size fits all

Limited stock available.

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Ankle Strap for cable machine. Ankle Strap for Gym.